Why SuperShackle?

Do you have a collection of shackle bows without matching pins? A pile that just seems to grow every time you unhitch a trailer at the boat ramp or a race meet– another pin lost in the water or weeds.

How much time and money have you spent replacing shackles because the pin has fallen out? Or, do you instead, risk the fine and damage to your boat or car driving home without a working safety chain?

A safety chain and shackle are legal requirements for anyone towing a trailer, caravan, or boat, anywhere in Australia. Taking the chance of towing with a missing pin can be costly, with fines from $230, and up to more than $1,000.

Standard shackles purchased from hardware stores, automotive shops, service stations, and camping stores ALL have a basic design flaw. A flaw, which could be putting your safety and your wallet at risk.

In a standard shackle, the pin is not retained in the bow. Once unscrewed to unhitch a trailer, caravan, or boat, the pin is completely free and can easily slip out of the bow. Unhitching in the cold, wet, dark, or with gloves, will make lost pins even likelier.

Without a pin, the shackle is useless and makes it illegal to tow your trailer, boat, or caravan.

SuperShackle, with its patented captive pin technology, means you’ll never lose another pin. With SuperShackle, an undone shackle retains the pin in the bow.

With SuperShackle lost pins are a thing of the past. You’ll never find yourself tearing apart the car looking for a spare shackle, or leaving the boat, and racing down to the hardware store or service station. SuperShackle’s got you covered!

normal-shackle buy d shackle with captive pin
Ordinary shackle with non captive pin SuperShackle with patented Captive Pin technology
Buy the last shackle you’ll ever need.

You can purchase SuperShackle quickly and easily through our online store. Order today, and your order will be shipped by Express Post from our Brisbane warehouse for you to use tomorrow. SuperShackle is rated to 2.5T with a breaking load in excess of 6,000kg making it strong enough to tow even the heaviest boat.

SuperShackle can be found in store at leading hardware stores and automotive shops. Click here for a list of stockists near you.

With SuperShackle, you’ll never have another missing pin or we’ll replace the whole shackle absolutely free.