Quality Assurance & Testing Information

Dee-Tech Super Shackle has been independently tested for tensile strength by SAI Global.  The reports for each batch of shackles are provided below.

Batch Number Date of Test Documents
AM01  12th August 2014  sai-global-am01-12-08-2014 (download)
AM02 18th May 2015  sai-global-am02-18-05-2015 (download)
AM03 29th July 2015  sai-global-am03-29-07-2015 (download)

How to find out what batch you have

Each Dee-Tech Super Shackle is stamped with the batch number. You will find this on the bow of the shackle, see the picture below.


If you need more information, or to order, contact us at sales@supershackle.com.