2.5T SuperShackle Kit – Shackle & Chain Locker


Includes shackle and chain locker.

SuperShackle is the only shackle with patented Captive Pin Technology to ensure you never lose another pin. Ideal for trailers, caravans, or boats, SuperShackle is rated to 2.5T with a breaking load in excess of a massive 6,000kg. SuperShackle is made from corrosion proof 316 stainless steel. The perfect shackle for any application.

  • Rated at 2.5 T ATM
  • Made from 316 stainless steel for strength
  • Will not corrode
  • Breaking load in excess of 6000kg
  • Test certificate available upon request.
SKU: M1231625
For a limited time only we’ll give you a FREE chain locker with EVERY shackle purchased online.

Chain Locker keeps your shackle secured to the end of the chain. Simply hook the shackle through the chain as normal, then affix the chain locker to prevent the shackle slipping back through the link of the chain. Easy, simple, secure!


Additional Information

Weight 0.262 kg
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 1 cm